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01 Sep How to Prepare Yerba Mate
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How To Prepare Yerba Mate Mate is a versatile drink and there are many ways of preparing it, depending on the type of yerba mate and liquid you use. There is a huge variety of yerba: with or without ..
15 Sep Does Yerba Mate Expire?
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Does Yerba Mate Expire or Go Stale? Whether you are just learning about yerba mate now or have been drinking that stuff for years, one question that commonly arises is: does yerba mate expire? While..
10 Sep Curing and Looking After Your Yerba Mate
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Curing and Looking after your Yerba Mate Gourd What is a ‘Mate’? The Mate is a cup from which to drink Yerba Mate. There are 4 main types of Mate Cup: Natural (yerba mate gourd)WoodenGlass, ..
30 Aug The Health Benefits
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Both yerba mate and green tea come with significant health benefits. They contain different nutrients, though, and some people will be better off drinking one instead of the other. Below is a breakdow..
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