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Brand: DC
12 Alfajores Havanna , Nuez, 660grAn alfajor is a traditional Argentinean cookie. It consists of two round sweet biscuits filled with caramell creme and nuts. Alfajores Havanna are the probably best-known Alfajores from Argentina. The sort “Nuez” consists of 12 alfajores covered with white chocolate..
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Bon o Bon Arcor 270gr
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Brand: DC
Bon o Bon Arcor 270grBon o Bon 270g Wafer stuffed with a nice peanut cream and covered with chocolate.ABOUT THIS PRODUCTIngredients: Sugar; vegetable fats (transesterified and split palm oil, high oleic acid sunflower oil, hydrogenated soya oil); roasted peanuts (16%); skimmed milk powder; whea..
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Brand: DC
Alfajores Mr.TANGO - Chocolate NEGRO - 12 pcs (660gr)Biscuit filled with dulce de leche and bathed in dark chocolateABOUT THIS PRODUCTIngredients: Dulce de Leche: whole milk powder (26%), sugar, glucose, sodium bicarbonate, vanilla flavouringCookie: flour (contains gluten), sugar, egg powder, h..
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Brand: DC
Bizcochos Don Satur - 200gr - Sweet BiscuitsBizcocho dulce 200g Don Saturtasty sweet biscuits, ideal for tea. ABOUT THIS PRODUCTIngredients: wheat flour, iron, folic acid, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, refined tallow fat, water, sugar, saltAllergens: Wheat. May contain traces of soy a..
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Dulce de Leche Havanna-250gr Dulce de Leche Havanna-250gr
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Brand: DC
Dulce de Leche Havanna-250gr Havanna Dulce de Leche – A harmonious combination of cow’s milk, sugar and vanilla, this is one of the most popular dulce de leches in South America. Rich and gooey, it is stuffed into dessert crepes, used to sweeten espresso (drizzle in the bottom of a mug before f..
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